The popularity of Tik Tok has made many Businesses Plan to Launch and Promote TikTok, so what should be paid attention to?

Have you heard of TikTok(網上廣告公司)? It is one of the newest social networks, perhaps the successor to Instagram and Facebook, and TikTok is a trend, especially among 8- to 18-year-olds, who appear mostly on TikTok. The app for Android and iOS has been ranked #1 in the download charts in over 30 countries. There is also now significant investment in Europe.

As a result, TikTok is establishing itself as a brand, and therefore becoming increasingly relevant to brands in other areas. This is understandable, as today’s youth are tomorrow’s wealthy target group. The platform targets a very young demographic. However, for us as advertisers, the target group becomes more and more important as we get older. That’s why we’ve also arranged to connect with netroots from the Next Generation Network.

Be Localized with TikTok International

When you want to launch in a country or region, it’s important to be local. For example, if you want to launch in Saudi Arabia and your product introduction and video captions are in Chinese, it will not work well. Therefore, when placing your video, be sure to create it in the language and style of the region you want to target.

Also, the choice of background music should be in line with local characteristics. For example, Indian regions can use some Bollywood background music, while European and American regions can use some funky or dynamic music for better results.

Pros and cons of Tik Tok Audience and Business: Users, Age and Range

For many marketing agencies and managers, TikTok is still a little less familiar. Here are some of our agency’s insights into the pros and cons of advertising on TikTok.

Advantages of TikTok as Social Marketing Medium for Companies.

Famous Influencers are younger, so there are fewer “sophisticated lifestyles”; ideas are relatively cheap and easy to implement. Since there are almost no channels (Influencers), posting can achieve a high organic reach; for example, unlike Facebook, where advertising is almost the reach standard

The Disadvantages of TikTok as a Social Marketing Channel.

Creative content is more than just photos, you also need good ideas and viral concepts, and regular new content. The most current effective marketing campaign for the target group is likely to be 17/18 years old, beyond which TikTok is almost untouchable. There is hardly any target group over 30 years of age in my opinion.

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TikTok Usage – Facts and Figures

What is the current composition of the TikTok community? How many times a day are users in the app? Some facts and figures: in Germany, TikTok users spend an average of 39:00 minutes per day watching new content. On average, they will open the TikTok app in its entirety 8 times a day, a frequency that is usually high compared to many other apps.

The content in TikTok consists of smaller, longer videos of 15 to 30 seconds. Initially it was mostly about singing (playing). Users can choose their favorite song from millions of songs and also select the current song from the chart. At the same time, however, much of the comedic content has spawned short stories (Story Telling). Content production is very complex, as videos always have to provide entertainment. Colorful, loud and young!

With 6.5 billion views per month on TikTok in Germany, this is definitely attractive and the audience base is growing and aging. Users were 54% female and 46% male.

39 minutes of use per day; users in Germany

15-30 seconds of thoughts.

It gets 6.5 billion views per month.

54% of female users and 46% of male users

TikTok experience

There are very few German Tik Tok ads that can be reached domestically at the moment. So, we wanted to provide you with some insight when it comes to content creation in Germany and, of course, some best practices.

Ad placement

For advertisers and companies want to place ad on TikTok, you still have to rely on a certified agency. Unlike Facebook’s Ad Manager (which can be used to control ad series on Facebook and Instagram), anyone can log in, whether they are an individual or a company.

TikTok will select its advertisers agency precisely. Therefore, you need a certified partner in order to place ads on TikTok.

Content Creation

Those who know Facebook know that new graphics and small video ideas every day can be a lot of work. YouTube is even more complicated.  The cost of creating content for your own TikTok channel is even higher. The best practice in Tik Tok is to produce video content on a daily basis. We would highly recommend it if you could outsource this kind of workload to other agencies if possible.



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