This New Year is not welcoming. Because the whole world is gripped in the horrible chain of Corona virus. Everyone is chanting Corona, Corona. The social media platforms are loaded with loads and loads of Corona informatory stuff.

We all know that this Corona pandemic is declared as Universal disease and its spreading like a wildfire in the entire world. It’s becoming uncontrollable with no vaccine and cure. All the global festivities and festivals are canceled for an unknown time. The religious ceremonials are curtailed. The Middle East has barred God-fearer’s entrance to the Muslim worshiping sites reserved for Hajj and Umrah. Besides this, all Mosques, churches, and temples are closed.

In the same way, the educational institutes, restaurants, and shopping Malls are being shuttered down. Almost the entire world is in the state of lock down. The people are self-isolating and self-quarantining. Corona creates mess everywhere.

Corona Panic Everywhere

Corona is threatening. But be mindful that panic is even more dangerous than Corona. It’s likely to get not affected by Corona but stress itself. The unusual spikes in Corona illness, death tolls, socio-economic shutter down, being house arrest, keeping kids occupied with homeschooling are weird happenings indeed.

Say No to Corona Stress, Be Optimistic

Stop Instead of burdening our mind with Corona terror we must work out the ways to combat this global challenge. And this is not possible to do after the mental breakdown.

Stop thinking stark about the future. Just make your present innovative. Because it’s time to cope with this universal challenge with positive energies. Let’s be creative and be positive. It is the time to defeat Corona by defeating Corona stress through the following mind- friendly steps

Do Exercise, Yoga, Easy Home Workouts

Studies reveal that Exercise is one of the best medicine of stress. It makes your mind fresh, healthy and active. It reduces the stress hormones of your body.

We know that the gyms are closed and the social distancing techniques are on way.  But it’s still possible to do a lot of easy at-home workouts, like walking, jumping and doing yoga meditation. The stretching of the body in yoga helps you release your stress. It’s very easy to do yourself.

Do Exercise, Yoga, Easy Home Workouts

Furthermore, there is lots of guiding YouTube videos on in-home workouts. You can get help from these useful web stuff to learn about them.

Play with Your Kids

You can reduce your Corona stress by playing different exciting in-home games with your kids. This helps release endorphins. These are the natural chemicals in your bodies that make you feel better and maintain a positive attitude.

Improve Immunity with Healthy Diet

Diet is one of the inevitable components of a healthy lifestyle. It is the smarter way to boost up your immune system. However, stress or anxiety can have a bad impact on your eating habits. So selecting a healthy diet is the best way to combat your Corona anxiety. Doctors say that eating a healthy diet makes your body strong and balance your hormones. Thus healthy body deals better with stress.

Curtail Exaggerated Coverage on COVID-19

The constantly changing COVID-19 updates on social media platforms are really disturbing. The media is brimmed with a mixture of right and wrong Corona stuff. So it has difficult to differentiate between facts and fiction.

So its strongly advised that you should go setting limits around the media news on COVID-19. You can do this by constantly monitoring the news updates. If you are becoming fearful of excessive debates or discussions about Corona, then switch off the T.V and turn off the notifications and news feeds. Take a break from all this exaggerated stuff.

Connect with Friends and Fellas through Social Media

Indeed, the long term social distancing, self-isolating or self-quarantining is very stressful. You are home stuck and alone in your room without any physical contact with your loved ones.

But the positive feature of our life is the amazing connecting networks and applications. These apps have eliminated the need for the physical presence among your fellas and loved ones. So you can reach out to your physically distant fellas through social media apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Stay Positive, Have Faith in God

It is the most important and inevitable component to live a stress-free life. Otherwise, life gets messed up and we may screw up badly. So always maintain a positive attitude towards life. Have firm faith in God. Pray to him and think positive. Be a source of strength for yourself and your fellas. And be hopeful that situation would get better

Get a Sound Sleep and proper rest

This is another medically recommended way to manage your stress. The medical studies show that stress gets amplified when you don’t take enough sleep.  If you find yourself too stressed to sleep than it is recommended to develop a new pre-bedtime routine. This includes taking a bath and having the Green tea before going to sleep.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Take a bath to maintain good hygiene and stay hydrated. The activity of taking a bath also reduces your stress level and make you fresh and active. Click Here :


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