You Need To Know best Hiring Movers & Packers Services in 2022


Whether you are moving within an emirate in the United Arab Emirates or moving between emirates, finding the right moving company can be the difference between a smooth or stressful experience and the ultimate in moving. ‘anxiety. hiring movers

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A Few Points to keep in mind when taking right decision:

Where can I find moving companies?

There are several ways to learn more about the moving companies around you:

  1. Search online: Most moving companies have an online presence and an online search for “movers in UAE” or “Packers and Movers near me” can yield many results.


  1. Around your home: Some movers leave their flyers and details at receptions so you can always talk to your security or community management staff if you live in a city.


  1. Newspapers: Moving companies also advertise their services in newspapers, and selecting the ads section can give some clues. Hiring Movers & Packers Services


  1. Word of mouth: Are you part of a local Whatsapp group or have a friend or family member recently moved? Ask around and you’ll be surprised how many good recommendations you get. hiring movers

hiring movers 

To check if the company you are dealing with is registered with the Economic Department, you can search for the company here on the Abu Dhabi Economic Department website and here on the Dubai Economic Department website.

 What should I look for?

Depending on your moving needs, you need to determine whether you want packers and movers or just movers.

  1. Removal

There are small companies in the UAE that offer staff who come to your house in a mini-truck. This means finding moving boxes, packing all your stuff the way you want, and leaving the heavy lifting to the company. This can be arranged at a very low cost, and many companies charge a fee depending on how many boxes you have. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

  1. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

hiring movers 

These are end-to-end services, where company staff will pack all the items in your home, move them to a new location, and also unpack and furnish the new home. It can cost a lot more, but can reduce the stress of moving.

Moving from United Arab Emirates

  1. Freight Companies: You can transport your items to your new home by air or sea freight. Although airfreight is faster, it can be an expensive option as the charge is calculated on weight. Sea freight takes longer to arrive, sometimes over 10 weeks, but costs are calculated by volume and can be easier to manage. Cargo can also be transported overland if you are moving to a country that has direct land access to the UAE. You can choose door-to-door freight, where the packers go home, pack the items, handle all freight handling and deliver it to your new home, or port-to-port freight, where you can also check the packaging and some of the freight handling steps. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

packing tips

Whether you pack items yourself or hire professional packers to do the job, it’s important to know how to minimize potential damage to your products.

  1. Use the right materials: Moving boxes should be new or used with caution. Be sure to use sturdy moving boxes. These can be purchased in different sizes from freight companies in your area or at some home decor stores. Hiring Movers & Packers Services
  2. Special care for special objects: for crockery or fragile objects, it is important to use special boxes. Crockery often comes in heavily padded boxes, so if you have the original box with the packing material, it’s ideal for shipping such fragile items. Otherwise, ask packers to pack plates, glasses, and plates separately, with good quality wrappers. Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping these items.
  3. Don’t over-pack: choose boxes that are slightly larger than the item you are packing and leave plenty of room for packing materials. Spread out heavy items as much as possible and mix them with lighter items that can be packed together.
  4. Pack it tightly: Place wedge paper or foam peanuts in the space around it.
  5. Start and end with a layer of wrapping: Use bubble wrap or crinkle paper before wrapping a box and just before closing it.
  6. Packing items piece by piece: It is important not to mix items from different pieces when packing. Make sure nursery, living room, kitchen and bathroom items have their own boxes.
  7. Make sure you have enough supplies: keep a stockpile on hand with boxes, packing materials, scissors, newspaper, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and markers.

Here’s a checklist to follow to make sure you’re looking for the right options when selecting a moving company: Hiring Movers & Packers Services

  1. Background check

Quickly check online business reviews before choosing one. Look at the reviews left on your social networks or online forums. It’s often best to scroll through a handful of options before selecting one. Personal recommendations are the most trusted, so if a friend or family member has dealt with a company and is happy with their service, this may be the most trusted review. Hiring Movers

  1. Take out insurance

Although this is an additional cost, it is particularly important if you are moving internationally. If the goods are damaged, the company may prevent you from paying for them if you are uninsured. You can contact insurance companies to request quotes for moving insurance. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

  1. Do not choose the cheapest service

Getting a good deal may seem tempting, but when it comes to moving, it’s better to pay for quality. Moving companies that charge more may offer warranties and it’s worth the extra money you would pay. hiring-movers-packers-services

  1. Do not accept delivery without checking your items

If you choose door-to-door freight services, it is important to ensure that your items are shipped in good condition. Many companies allow you to sign a “receipt” form when the package is delivered to your new home in another country. If the form contains a clause in which the recipient confirms that the goods are not damaged, always check the goods before signing for them. It may seem like a hassle, but it protects you legally. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

Moving to a new house is stressful. Make sure you make the right choice, only trade with trusted and established companies and insure against loss of items. hiring movers

  1. Hiring Movers & Packers Services

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