The influence of social media on individuals in the 21st century has been immeasurably massive. From using social media for solely entertainment purposes to using it for making our individual brands, we have come a long way. For every business, social media platforms are an opportunity to engage with their target audience. It has made it easy for people to explore and find their niche, which helps them grow personally and professionally. embed social media feed

The social media influences have crawled into every nook and corner of the internet. The biggest pro it has is that it can help you create brand awareness and strong visibility online without having to pay for it. These days brands prefer to embed social media feeds on their website. It boosts their pages and creates a social trust among the users. But to become the best among the herd one needs to do something peculiar. embed social media feed

Following are the tools to embed social media feeds on your website :

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a UGC tool that helps create and maintain the aesthetic of social media. It aggregates real-time user-generated content in the form of feeds from multiple social media stages through various different channels like mentions, hashtag, tags etc. embed social media feed

It fetches content from multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Youtube etc. After creating social media, feed Taggbox lets you display the social feeds widget with a link for screening or a simple code to be added on your website’s backend.

Taggbox Widget comes with user-friendly customization and features that can make your social media feed more attractive and maintains the quality of the feed, which helps to gain more audience. Taggbox allows you to create a free trial account which lasts for 14 days. So you can always have a free trial to test out all the features before paying for it.



EmbedSocial is a tool that displays engaging image galleries and trustworthy online reviews on your website. With this, it helps boost user trust, brand image and hence enhances your business revenues. It allows users to sync Facebook pages and google locations which automatically helps to fetch online reviews which can be displayed on your website. embed social media feed

It is fast, user friendly and multipurpose. It enhances social media feeds, acts as a Facebook notification platform, embeds them to your website.


Unmetric helps businesses get insights related to the target audience and how they react to a particular content posted on the platforms. Unmetric is an important tool since it is an AI-powered social media measurement and analytics tool. It provides business with a range of automation options which in turn boost the businesses. This tool helps the user to create content which is relevant and the content which engages the audience, which in turn creates a virtual relationship with the audience. embed social media feed

Unmetric analysis assists you for better engagement within your social strategy. It automates social media reporting and gets reports in the inbox automatically.

It also gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on the competitors by tracking their movement on social media.

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Miappi is a great social media tool that lets user unite the social media channels and user-generated content on one page and display it across multiple channels as website embeds, digital screens etc. It accumulates all of the user-generated content from all over the channels wherever the brand has a presence and curates them to maintain the highest quality standard and then display them through social walls on the official website thereby increasing the follower base and revenue. embed social media feed

The platform is designed to provide you with the necessary information to help understand the functionalities better. It increases customer engagement and sales by helping them to collect, curate and distribute their most valuable user-generated content.

Snap Widget

Snapwidget is a tool which helps to integrate your social media channels with your website.

It collects feeds from the social media channels and updates them on the website, thereby displaying the latest social media posts to your website audiences.

It permits embedding widgets displaying Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feed on your website and increasing your audience count. embed social media feed

It gives many widget options to be embedded on your website, e.g. Instagram grid, Instagram popup, Facebook grid, welcome banner, youtube feed etc.

Snap Widget allows you to display an Instagram photo gallery on your website or blog. It automatically puts the latest photos from your account every 30 minutes.


These were a few of the best tools that allow you to embed social media feeds on your website.

It helps your performance and business grows in turn, increasing sales and revenue. embed social media feed

By inculcating these tools, your website can reach great heights. So start using any of these amazing tools and experience all the perks yourself.

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