1. Discover Milford Sound

Take the car and hop on a boat to the southwest of the South Island, see Milford Sound’s amazing sights. If you are a lover of nature, it is actually one of the best things to do in New Zealand. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

Shape by glaciers in the Ice Age, Rudyard Kipling has been described as the ‘8th wonder of the world.’ Dolphins and mountains stream through the water around it, making it difficult to disagree with him. It’s the world’s eighth marvel.

The most important thing is the Milford Discovery Center and Underwater Observatory, where the submarine environment can be viewed with a 360-degree visibility without moistening.

The highlight is the Milford Discovery Centre, where you can get a 360-degree view of the submarine environment without getting a bit moist. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND


  1. Visit the Adrenaline-fuelled, Queens town

Queenstown is also located in the southwest of South Island. Another town, an experience completely different. Queenstown is an adventure capital in the country so stop here for a skydive or bungee jump to fix your adrenaline. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

The Shotover Canyon, the highest cliff jump on earth, can even be tried.

If you visit Queenstown’s famous ski scene in winter or spring and you are not that much of an adrenaline junkie. It’s a pretty fun place to visit and one of New Zealand best things to do when you’re excited!

  1. Wander the stunning Dunedin

Southwest of South Island, on the southeast coast, Dunedin is a town of mixed Scottish and Maori heritage.

The Victorian and Edwardian architecture of the city and its wildlife are definitely worth checking out. Don’t miss the rare yellow-eyed penguins who best spot the adjacent Otago Peninsula on a walk or bike ride. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

Moreover, don’t miss out on the rare yellow-eyed mangoes that are best spotted on the Otago Peninsula for a walk or bike ride.

  1. See the gorgeous Christchurch

Christchurch ‘s history is rich and unbelievable (and worth a visit to the South Island).

Oh, you should also visit the International Antarctic Centre, go through New Regent Street and have a dick to eat at The Noisy Lobster, which serves a pretty delicious local lobster, as you can suppose. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND


5.Trek through Abel Tasman National Park

Now the beach paradise of Abel Tasman is in the northwest of the South Island. Believe me, for this place, it’s worth sand in your car. The beaches are golden, the water incredibly blue, and the green vegetation surrounds it.

Whether you walk along the coastline, kayaking, or just relaxing in the sand, you can’t miss this amazing beauty place.

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  1. Watch the sunrise at Hawkes Bay

Three words: tours on biking wines. Have I taken your notice? Hawkes Bay is your favorite stop on the entire journey if you like wine and you like cycling, especially as this region is known for both. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

Discover the farmers’ market with a glass of red or walk along the Ruahine or Kaweka forest park forest trails. The place to enjoy some of the finer things in life is Hawkes Bay.

Nobody likes a drunk driver if they assign it to a designated driver!

Moreover, if you are looking for a magnificent sunrise, head to Te Mata Peak.

7.White Island Volcano, Whakaari See

White Island (or Whakaari) part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone is one of the most emblematic and active volcanoes of New Zealand that can be visited by boat. White Island is a fascinating place to visit just off the east coast of North Island, and you can even see volcanist activity monitoring the volcano. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

You can also dive into the waters around the volcano to see what is happening below the surface for a completely unique experience.

  1. Discover Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley

You can not miss the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley if you pass through Rotorua on your journeys. Pohutu, the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere, and boiling pools of mood are at home. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

You can also go to the Maori Arts and Handicrafts Institute in New Zealand, where a traditional song and dance are performed, including a welcome ceremony.

This is truly one of New Zealand’s best things to do.

  1. Spot the quaint, Hobbiton

Believe me, it’s easily one of the best things to do in New Zealand if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan.

In truth, any fan of the Rings Lord will fantasize walking the shire around and when you go on a road trip around New Zealand, you can! You can! You can even stop in at The Green Dragon Inn for a beer at the quaintest place in Middle Earth, where you can take a break from the road. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

This journey has great novelty and surprisingly picturesque and peculiar, even if you are not a fan of Tolkien.

  1. Experience the unique Glowworm Caves

The Glowworm Caves are located on the North Island near Waitomo. Millions of glowworms that are unique to New Zealand are part of the Waitomo Cave system.

Take one of the boat trips to this unique and lovely site.

  1. Explore vibrant Auckland

Highways are great to get away from this beaten path, but it’s nice to go back on this path of city life sometimes.

Auckland is regularly chosen for visiting one of the best cities on earth, so it is worth seeing how great is the largest city in New Zealand. Every visitor has something to satisfy from multicultural food to a host of museums and even a bungee jump. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND

For a cheerful, if not a little costly, stick to SidArt, which serves some of the city’s most original food. It’s truly tasty.

  1. Find Lion’s Rock at Piha Beach

The best beaches in New Zealand, Piha being no exception.

Now, take your sunblock, swim trunks, and explore this emblematic seafront. Make sure your eyes are peeling for the rock of Lion, too.

Therefore, the Bay of Islands is a collection of 144 islands, located between Cape Brett and Purerua (a trip from Auckland to Auckland for about 3 hours).

The Islands are the ideal place to taste the water-sports scene of New Zealand, and you even have wild dolphins to swim, so you may be lucky enough to see the sea.

You can take a relaximate fishing journey or just relax on the beach (you will have a few to choose from!) if water sports are not your cup of tea. TO DO IN NEW ZEALAND


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